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The Grayling

Did you know that The Grayling in our river is not a native species to Scotland but were actually introduced to North of the border from the Derbyshire area of England in the mid 1800’s ? .. Well there you go & in my opinion I am so glad that these fish frequent our rivers. The Lady of the stream as they are also know are in our river all year long but most associations / clubs who control the fishing on our river have a closed season for the ladies.

My preferred method when Grayling fishing is trotting 2-3 maggots down the river under a float. 12-13ft float rod should do.

See the image below for my preferred tackle.

When using the centre pin setup I have always used braid for the main line. The reason ?, braid does not stretch like nylon so when doing a long trot for the ladies and the float goes down at distance and you strike into the take there is no line stretch so you are in touch with the fish straight away.

Braid strength I usually go for is 4lb (if you can find it). 150m loaded onto your pin then tie on a size 16 barrel swivel then on the other end around 10ft of 3lb nylon then slide on a small weight of around 2-4grm (depending on the river height and pool you are fishing) barrel swivel.

The reason I use these swivels is to stop the line kinking (twisting) as the maggots turn, swirl around when trotting / holding up in the stream when trotting them down the run.

On the other end of that swivel I use the “Hook to Nylon” setup up which is simply a size 16-18 hook attached to various nylon strengths (I use 2-3lb) then 2 maggots, sometimes 3 onto the hook (head 1st).

A lady for Christmas

Grayling action on the River Clyde


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