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UCAPA stands for United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd, which is an organization that manage and protects the fishing on the River Clyde and some of its tributaries in Scotland. UCAPA sells fishing permits for both freshwater and migratory fish, and has a website where you can find more information about their activities, fishery map, contact details, and links to other relevant sites. UCAPA has a long tradition of river and fisheries management, and aims to provide, maintain, safeguard, and develop angling facilities for various species of fish in the area. UCAPA also hosts an annual competition called the Daiwa Cup, where anglers can compete for prizes and trophies. If you are interested in fishing on the River Clyde, you might want to check out their website and see what they have to offer.

Grayling Ticket

Migratory Ticket

Brown Trout Ticket

Angling information on UCAPA controlled water

The start of the fishing season on UCAPA controlled water is from the cold month of February, the 11th of February to be exact when the opening day for migratory species opens on UCAPA.

The Salmon season runs from February until the last day of that season on the 31st of October with the 1st catches being reported as early as May / June time with the best runs of fish happening towards September / October time.

In-between all this, the Brown Trout fishing on the river kicks in from the 15th of March each year until the 6th of October each year.

The River Clyde has some of the best Brown Trout fishing in Scotland, if not the whole of the UK with anglers fishing the Bug to the Dry from trotted Maggot to a size 0 barbless Mepp spinner there is a method for every angler out there.

After all the excitement of chasing Salmon and maybe standing on the river bank like a motionless Heron for most the evening and waiting on a Clyde Trout rising we have the Winter Grayling from the 7th of October each season until the 14th of March the following year. Trotting for Grayling is by far my most favourite method when chasing the ladies.

UCAPA  fishing tickets basically consist of two fishing tickets .. A migratory ticket (Salmon & Sea Trout) which you can buy as a season ticket or a day ticket. A freshwater ticket (Brown Trout & Grayling) can only be purchased as a day ticket  or if you want a season ticket both the fishing for Brown Trout and Grayling are inclusive.

(contact UCAPA for further details)

River level data for UCAPA area

What I describe below is what I prefer or think is best in my opinion to fish certain area’s on UCAPA at certain times and at what I prefer the river level to be at. Not everyone thinks the same so please do not take my opinion as being the best when fishing these areas.

“UP TOP” is what I talk about when fishing at the top end of UCAPA, basically from the Thankerton area and above.

As I do not do much fly fishing anymore these days when out with the trotting gear, I prefer the River levels to be at the following heights.

If fishing the Abington area my ideal trotting height is around the 0.5 to 0.9.

Fishing in the Clyde valley the ideal river level can vary for me depending the area that I am fishing but generally anything around 0.6 to 0.9 when trotting for the Grayling and if using the worm for the Salmon nothing less than 0.8 for myself.

Please note that UCAPA have should have “spinning marks” on most of the bridges down stream of Stonebyers Falls. Which is usually around the 0.8m on the Sepa Hazelbank gauge but always double check before starting to fish. Spinning level restrictions do not apply downstream of the Green Pipe Bridge at the top end of Skellyton Flats.

Also please be aware that you CANNOT spin for any species on UCAPA controlled water at any river level upstream of Thankerton Bridge. You CAN spin for Trout & Grayling downstream from Thankerton Bridge in any height down to the Kirkfieldbank area.





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