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Strathclyde Country Park

Strathclyde Country Park  

It has a rich history that dates back several decades. Let's delve into its past.

Creation and Purpose

 The park was established in the 1970s as part of the redevelopment of the River Clyde and its surroundings.

 Its primary purpose was to provide recreational opportunities for the local community and visitors.


 The park was built on the site of **former coal mines** and industrial land.

 The transformation aimed to turn the area into a green space with amenities for leisure and outdoor activities.

1978 Commonwealth Games

Strathclyde Country Park gained prominence during the 1978 Commonwealth Games, which were held in Glasgow.

 The park hosted the rowing and triathlon events, utilizing the artificial loch as the venue.


 The successful hosting of the Commonwealth Games left a lasting legacy for the park.

 It became a popular destination for families, joggers, cyclists, and anglers.

Conservation and Biodiversity:

 Over the years, efforts have been made to enhance the park's natural environment.

 Conservation projects have focused on wildlife habitats, woodlands, and wetlands.

Present Day

 Today, Strathclyde Country Park continues to attract visitors seeking outdoor recreation.

 It remains an important green space in the region, offering a mix of nature, sports, and relaxation.

Whether you're strolling along the lochside, enjoying a picnic, or casting a fishing line, the park's history adds depth to its scenic beauty.

Park’s location here.


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Credit: Robin Woolnough